Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом blow

Словосочетания со словом blow

at a blow
at a stroke
at one stroke
Immediately; suddenly; with one quick or forceful action.
The pirates captured the ship and captured a ton of gold at a blow.
A thousand men lost their jobs at a stroke when the factory closed.
All the prisoners escaped at one stroke.
blow a fuse
blow a gasket
blow one's top
blow one's stack
pop one's cork
To become extremely angry; express rage in hot words.
To become very excited, angry, hysterical, or furious.
Прийти в состояние повышенного раздражения; выражать гнев резкими словами. Быть в состоянии когда "снесло башню".
When Mr. McCarthy's son got married against his wishes, he blew a fuse.
When the umpire called Joe out at first, Joe blew his top and was sent to the showers.
She blew her top after she was dropped from the team.
У нее снесло крышу, после того как ее исключили из команды.
"No need to blow your top, Al," his wife said, "just because you lost a few dollars."
blow away the cobwebs
Стряхнуть пыль; почувствовать себя живее и бодрее.
Let's get out of the house. A walk on the beach will blow away the cobwebs!
Давайте выйдем из дома. Прогулка по пляжу хорошо проветривает!
blow hot and cold
To change your ways or likes often; be fickle or changeable.
Менять свое отношение или предпочтения очень часто; быть непостоянным; иметь семь пятниц на неделе.
Tom blows hot and cold about coming out for the baseball team; he cannot decide.
Mary blew hot and cold about going to college; every day she changed her mind.
The boys will get tired of Ann's blowing hot and cold.
They're blowing hot and cold over this. It's impossible to know what they want!
Они постоянно меняют свое мнение по поводу этого вопроса. Невозможно знать, чего они хотят!
The boss keeps blowing hot and cold about the marketing campaign - one day he finds it excellent, the next day he wants to make changes.
У нашего начальника по поводу маркетинговой компании семь пятниц на неделе – то он от нее в восторге, то хочет срочно ее менять.
blow in
blow into
To arrive at (a place) unexpectedly or in a carefree way.
Bill blows into college at the last minute after every vacation.
Why Tom, when did you blow into town?
The house was already full of guests when Bill blew in.
blow one's brains out
To shoot yourself in the head.
Mr. Jones lost all his wealth, so he blew his brains out.
To work very hard; overwork yourself.
The boys blew their brains out to get the stage ready for the play.
Mary is not one to blow her brains out.
blow one's cool
To lose your composure or self-control.
Whatever you say to the judge in court, make sure that you don't blow your cool.
He started getting confused and contradicting himself, until eventually he blew his cool and shouted at her.
Он начал запутываться и противоречить самому себе, пока, наконец, он не вышел из себя и накричал на нее.
blow one's lines
fluff one's lines
To forget the words you are supposed to speak while acting in a play.
The noise backstage scared Mary and she blew her lines.