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Словосочетания со словом tea

bore to tears
To fill with tired dislike; tire by dullness or the same old thing bore.
The party was dull and Roger showed plainly that he was bored to tears.
Mary loved cooking, but sewing bores her to tears.
burst into tears
To suddenly start crying.
Mary burst into tears when she heard that her brother was killed in a car accident.
buy for a song
sell for a song
to be a steal
a steal
To buy or sell something very cheaply.
Купить или продать за очень низкую цену, очень дешево.
Since the building on the corner was old and neglected, I was able to buy it for a song.
I had to sell my car for a song because I needed money quickly.
Мне пришлось продать машину за бесценок, поскольку мне срочно нужны были деньги.
I’m so glad we bought this house and that it was such a steal!
Я так рад, что мы купили этот дом и что он достался нам за бесценок!
I can’t believe that I paid only $2,000 for this three-year-old car. What a steal!
Scott considered it a steal when he bought a complete bedroom set for only $99.
crocodile tears
Pretended grief; a show of sorrow that is not really felt.
(From the old legend that crocodiles make weeping sounds to attract victims and then shed tears while eating them.)
When his rich uncle died, leaving him his money, John shed crocodile tears.
cup of tea
dish of tea
not one's cup of tea
not one's scene
Something you enjoy or do well at; a special interest, or favorite occupation. Used with a possessive.
You could always get him to go for a walk: hiking was just his cup of tea.
Something to think about; thing; matter.
That's another cup of tea.
go steady
To go on dates with the same person all the time; dale just one person.
At first Tom and Martha were not serious about each other, but now they are going steady.
Jean went steady with Bob for a year; then they had a quarrel and stopped dating each other.
instead of
in place of
in lieu of
In the place of; in substitution for; in preference to; rather than.
I wore mittens instead of gloves.
The grown-ups had coffee but the children wanted milk in place of coffee.
The boys went fishing instead of going to school.
The Vice-President talked at the meeting in place of the President, because the President was sick.
The magician appeared on the program in lieu of a singer.
let off steam
blow off steam
To let or make steam escape; send out steam.
The janitor let off some steam because the pressure was too high.
To get rid of physical energy or strong feeling through activity; talk or be very active physically after forced quiet.
After the long ride on the bus, the children let off steam with a race to the lake.
When the rain stopped, the boys let off steam with a ball game.
Bill's mother was very angry when he was late in coming home, and let off steam by walking around and around.
Bill had to take his foreman's rough criticisms all day and he would blow off steam at home by scolding the children.