English Puzzle
для поиска по нескольким словам разделяйте слова запятыми, например heart,one

Словосочетания со словом tea

SWAT team
Police unit trained for especially hazardous or sensitive law-enforcement assignments; short for Special Weapons and Tactics.
Joe made the SWAT team of the NYPD due to his athletic skills.
Salisbury steak
A broiled or fried hamburger patty sometimes containing eggs, milk, bread crumbs, and seasoning.
James ordered a Salisbury steak for lunch.
T-bone steak
A steak with a bone in it which looks like a T.
On Jim's birthday we had T-bone steak for supper.
as useful as a chocolate teapot
чт-то бесполезное
When there are no roads, a car is about as useful as a chocolate teapot.
Когда нет дорог, от машины никакой пользы.
blood, sweat and tears
Кровь, пот и слезы; чрезмерные усилия.
His success wasn't due to luck; it was blood, sweat and tears all the way.
Своим успехом он обязан вовсе не удаче, он добился всего своей кровью, потом и слезами.
bore to tears
To fill with tired dislike; tire by dullness or the same old thing bore.
The party was dull and Roger showed plainly that he was bored to tears.
Mary loved cooking, but sewing bores her to tears.
burst into tears
To suddenly start crying.
Mary burst into tears when she heard that her brother was killed in a car accident.
buy for a song
sell for a song
to be a steal
a steal
To buy or sell something very cheaply.
Купить или продать за очень низкую цену, очень дешево.
Since the building on the corner was old and neglected, I was able to buy it for a song.
I had to sell my car for a song because I needed money quickly.
Мне пришлось продать машину за бесценок, поскольку мне срочно нужны были деньги.
I’m so glad we bought this house and that it was such a steal!
Я так рад, что мы купили этот дом и что он достался нам за бесценок!
I can’t believe that I paid only $2,000 for this three-year-old car. What a steal!
Scott considered it a steal when he bought a complete bedroom set for only $99.