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Словосочетания со словом last

as a last resort
In lieu of better things; lacking better solutions.
"We'll sleep in our sleeping bags as a last resort," John said, "since all the motels are full."
at last
at long last
After a long time; finally.
The war had been long and hard, but now there was peace at last.
The boy saved his money until at last he had enough for a bicycle.
We waited for hours and then the train arrived at last.
Now that I am sixteen, at last I can drive my parents' car.
blast away
To scold or protest violently.
Pictures posted on the group's website show rows of men lying face down in trenches while their executioners blast away.
blast off
To begin a rocket flight.
The astronaut will blast off into orbit at six o'clock.
To scold or protest violently.
The coach blasted off at the team for poor playing.
breathe one's last
draw one's last breath
To die.
The wounded soldier fell back on the ground and breathed his last.
He drew his last breath yesterday.
Он умер вчера.
every last man
every man jack
Every single man; each man without exception.
I want every last man to be here on time tomorrow morning.
Every man jack of you must do his duty.
every single
every last
Every. Used for emphasis.
She dropped the box, and when she opened it, every single glass was broken.
When she got home she found every last tomato in the box was rotten.
first and last
Most noticeably; all the time; chiefly.
He was first and last a school teacher.
Steven joined the army because first and last he wanted to help his country.
Synonym:above all