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Словосочетания со словом fish

big frog in a small pond
big fish in a small pond
An important person in a small place or position; someone who is respected and honored in a small company, school, or city; a leader in a small group.
Важная или высокопоставленная персона, которая работает в маленькой группе или организации.
As company president, he had been a big frog in a small pond, but he was not so important as a new congressman in Washington.
He could get a job with a big company but he enjoys being a big fish in a small pond.
Он мог бы получить работу в большой компании, но ему нравится быть большой рыбой в маленьком пруду.
cold fish
A queer person; a person who is unfriendly or does not mix with others.
No one knows the new doctor, he is a cold fish.
Nobody invites Eric to parties because he is a cold fish.
drink like a fish
To drink (alcoholic beverages) in great quantities; to be addicted to alcohol.
John is a nice guy but, unfortunately, he drinks like a fish.
Странный, подозрительный.
When the security guard saw a light in the store after closing hours, it seemed to him that there was something fishy going on.
Когда охранник увидел свет в уже закрытом магазине, ему показалось, что там происходит что-то подозрительное.
Fried fish and french fried potatoes.
The family went to a drive-in restaurant and had fish-and-chips.
fish for
To try to get or to find out (something), by hinting or by a roundabout way to try to lead someone else to give or tell you what you want by hinting.
Пытаться найти какую-либо информацию; "шпионить"; "вынюхивать".
Jerry was always fishing for an invitation to Bob's house.
Near examination time, some of the students fish for information.
Rick can sit for hours fishing for information from the Internet.
Рик может часами сидеть, пытаясь найти информацию в интернете.
fish for a compliment
To try to make someone pay a compliment.
Напрашиваться на комплимент.
When Jim showed me his new car, I could tell that he was fishing for a compliment.
Alice, my classmate, is always fishing for compliments.
Алиса, моя одноклассница, всегда напрашивается на комплимент.
fish fry
An outdoor party or picnic at which fish are fried and eaten.
The guests at the fish fry caught and cooked their own fish.