Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом fish. Страница два

Словосочетания со словом fish. Страница два

fish out of water
like fish out of water
A person who is out of his proper place in life; someone who does not fit in.
Человек находящийся в непривычном месте; кто-то, кто не чувствует себя комфортно в текущей ситуации.
Because Ed could not swim, he felt like a fish out of water at the beach.
She was the only girl at the party not in a formal dress and she felt like a fish out of water.
The woman was like a fish out of water at the fashion show.
Женщина чувствовала себя не в своей тарелке на модном показе.
fish story
An unlikely or improbable tale.
Hunters and fishermen often exaggerate their successes by telling fish stories.
Fried fish and french fried potatoes.
The family went to a drive-in restaurant and had fish-and-chips.
Странный, подозрительный.
When the security guard saw a light in the store after closing hours, it seemed to him that there was something fishy going on.
Когда охранник увидел свет в уже закрытом магазине, ему показалось, что там происходит что-то подозрительное.
goldfish bowl
A situation in which it is not possible to keep things secret for any length of time.
Washington Society is a goldfish bowl.
An apartment or place that provides no privacy for its occupant, e.g., an office that has too many windows.
Joe's office is a goldfish bowl, that's why I didn't let him kiss me there.
kettle of fish
fine kettle of fish
pretty kettle of fish
Something to be considered; how things are; a happening; business.
I thought he needed money, but it was another kettle of fish - his car had disappeared.
Usually used with pretty, fine, nice, but meaning bad trouble.
He had two flat tires and no spare on a country road at night, which was certainly a pretty kettle of fish.
This is a fine kettle of fish! I forgot my book.
neither fish nor fowl
neither fish, flesh, nor fowl
Something or someone that does not belong to a definite group or known class; a strange person or thing; someone or something odd or hard to understand.
The man is neither fish nor fowl; he votes Democrat or Republican according to which will do him the most good.
Mrs. Harris bought a piece of furniture that was both a table and a chair. Mr. Harris said it was neither fish nor fowl.
The movie is neither fish nor fowl; it is a funny love story.
not the only fish in the sea
One of many; not the only one of the kind; not the only one available.
He said he could find other girls - she was not the only fish in the sea.