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Фразеологизмы со словом eye

all eyes on one
О ком-то, от кого все ждут действий.
Before the performance all eyes were on me.
До выступления все смотрели на меня и ожидали чего-то интересного.
all eyes
Wide-eyed with surprise or curiosity; watching very closely. Used in the predicate.
At the circus the children were all eyes.
apple of one's eye
Something or someone that is adored; a cherished person or object.
Предмет обожания.
Charles is the apple of his mother's eye.
John's first car was the apple of his eye. He was always polishing it.
My grandson is the apple of my eye.
Мой внук мне очень дорог.
The little girl is the apple of her grandfather's eye.
Эта маленькая девочка – любимица своего дедушки.
The youngest son was the apple of his father's eye.
Младший сын был любимцем отца.
The man's youngest daughter is the apple of his eye.
Его младшая дочь очень ему дорога.
bat an eye
bat an eyelash
without batting an eye
without batting an eyelash
To show surprise, fear, or interest; show your feelings. Used in negative sentences.
When I told him the price of the car he never batted an eye.
Bill told his story without batting an eyelash, although not a word of it was true.
before one can say Jack Robinson
between two shakes of a lamb's tail
in the twinkling of an eye
Very quickly; suddenly. An overused phrase.
Очень быстро; неожиданно.
Before I could say Jack Robinson, the boy was gone.
She could do it in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.
Она могла это делать быстро и без затруднений.
believe one's eyes
To believe what one sees; trust one's eyesight. Used with a negative or limiter or in an interrogative or conditional sentence.
Is that a plane? Can I believe my eyes?
To be made sure of seeing something.
She saw him there but she could hardly believe her eyes.
black eye
A dark area around one's eye due to a hard blow during a fight, such as boxing.
Mike Tyson sported a black eye after the big fight.
Bob's illegal actions will give a black eye to the popular movement he started.
blue-eyed boy
Любимчик – кто-то кто на хорошем счету у начальства, обычно такой человек получает привилегии.
He's the director's blue-eyed boy!
Он любимчик директора!