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Фразеологизмы со словами: drive

backseat driver
A bossy person in a car who always tells the driver what to do.
The man who drove the car became angry with the back seat driver.
drive a bargain
drive a hard bargain
To buy or sell at a good price; succeed in a trade or deal.
Tom's collie is a champion; it should be easy for Tom to drive a bargain when he sells her puppies.
Father drove a hard bargain with the real estate agent when we bought our new house.
To make an agreement that is better for you than for the other person; make an agreement to your advantage.
The French drove a hard bargain in demanding that Germany pay fully for World War I damages.
drive at
To try or want to say; mean. Used in the present participle.
John did not understand what the coach was driving at.
He had been talking for half an hour before anyone realized what he was driving at.
drive home
To argue convincingly; make a strong point.
Убеждать, втолковывать; доводить до полного понимания.
The doctor's convincing arguments and explanation of his X-ray pictures drove home the point to Max that he needed surgery.
Our teacher tried to drive home this grammar rule to us, but I understood nothing from his explanations.
Наш учитель пытался втолковать нам это грамматическое правило, но я ничего не понял из его объяснений.
A kind of movie theater, fast food restaurant, or church, where the customers, spectators, or worshippers do not leave their automobiles but are served the food inside their cars, can watch a motion picture from inside their cars, or can participate in a religious service in their cars.
Let's not waste time on the road; let's just eat at the next drive-in restaurant.
There is a drive-in theater not far from where we live.
Max and Hilde go to a drive-in church every Sunday.
drive like Jehu
To drive very fast, carelessly or recklessly.
When Joe is late for work, he drives like Jehu.
drive one ape
drive one bananas
drive one crazy
drive one mad
drive one nuts
To irritate, frustrate, or tickle someone's fancy so badly that they think they are going insane.
"Stop teasing me, Mary," John said. "You are driving me nuts."
"You are driving me bananas with all your crazy riddles," Steve said.
drive one round the bend
To upset someone so much that they think they are going crazy.
"Slow down, please," Miss Jones cried. "You are driving me around the bend!"