Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом drive. Страница два

Словосочетания со словом drive. Страница два

A kind of movie theater, fast food restaurant, or church, where the customers, spectators, or worshippers do not leave their automobiles but are served the food inside their cars, can watch a motion picture from inside their cars, or can participate in a religious service in their cars.
Let's not waste time on the road; let's just eat at the next drive-in restaurant.
There is a drive-in theater not far from where we live.
Max and Hilde go to a drive-in church every Sunday.
in the driver's seat
In control; having the power to make decisions.
Stan is in the driver's seat now that he has been made our supervisor at the factory.
line drive
A batted baseball that is usually hit hard and travels in the air not far above the ground.
The batter hit a line drive to left field for a single.
pure as the driven snow
Как первый снег; чистый и целомудренный
Robert was notoriously promiscuous, but tried to convince all his girlfriends that he was pure as the driven snow.
Роберт был скандально известен своими похождениями, но пытался убедить свою девушку, что он невинен как младенец.
slave driver
A cruel, merciless boss or employer who makes the people under him work extremely hard for little compensation.
Mr. Catwallender is such a slave driver that nobody cares to work for him anymore.
to the wall
go to the wall
drive to the wall
Into a place from which there is no escape; into a trap or corner. Usually used after drive or a similar word.
John's failing the last test drove him to the wall.
The score was 12-12 in the last minute of play, but a touchdown forced the visitors to the wall.
Bill had to sell his five Great Danes. The high cost of feeding them was driving him to the wall.