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Фразеологизмы со словом eye

red eye
Bloodshot eyes that are strained from too much reading.
Poor Tim has a red eye; he must have been studying too late again.
A night flight.
The company refused to pay for him to take a more expensive daytime flight, so he had to come in on the red eye.
Very much surprised; astonished; awed.
The people were round-eyed when they learned what the computer could do.
The children were wide-eyed at the sight of the Christmas tree and didn't make a sound.
see eye to eye
To agree fully; hold exactly the same opinion.
Полностью соглашаться; иметь точно такое-же мнение.
Though we did not usually agree, we saw eye to eye in the matter of reducing taxes.
Jim did not see eye to eye with Sally on where they would go for their vacation.
The two political leaders saw eye to eye on many issues.
Два политических лидера договорились о многих вопросах.
I’m glad that we see eye to eye on the matter of the conference location.
A husband and wife don’t always see eye to eye with each other, but a good marriage can survive small disagreements.
It's very late. We'd better get some shut-eye.
I'm going to get some shut-eye before the game.
Compare:forty winks
sight for sore eyes
A welcome sight.
Что-то что очень приятно видеть.
After our long, dusty hike, the pond was a sight for sore eyes.
"Jack! You're a sight for sore eyes!"
Sam! You're a sight for sore eyes! Haven't seen you in a long time.
Сэм! Как приятно тебя видеть! Мы так давно не встречались.
Very happy and excited, perhaps with little reason; eager and self-confident about improving human nature and general conditions of life.
Young people are often starry-eyed and eager to improve the world; they do not know how hard it is.
stars in one's eyes
An appearance or feeling of very great happiness or expectation of happiness.
Mary gets stars in her eyes when she thinks of her boyfriend.
A belief in the possibility of quick and lasting reforms in people and life and an eagerness to make such changes.
Some inexperienced people get stars in their eyes when they think of improving the world.
to the eye
As it is seen; as a person or thing first seems; apparently.
That girl looks to the eye like a nice girl to know, but she is really rather mean.
That suit appears to the eye to be a good buy, but it may not be.