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Словосочетания со словом set

shout from the housetops
shout from the rooftops
To tell everyone; broadcast, especially one's own personal business.
Mr. Clark was so happy when his son was born that he shouted the news from the housetops.
When Mary bleached her hair, her neighbors shouted it from the housetops.
skeleton in the closet
A shameful secret; someone or something kept hidden, especially by a family.
The skeleton in our family closet was Uncle Willie. No one mentioned him because he drank too much.
tongues wag
tongues to wag
cause tongues to wag
make tongues wag
set tongues wagging
People speak in an excited or gossipy manner; people spread rumors.
If married women go out with other men, tongues will wag.
When the bank clerk showed up in an expensive new car, tongues wagged.
upset the applecart
upset one's applecart
To ruin a plan or what is being done, often by surprise or accident; change how things are or are being done, often unexpectedly; ruin or mix up another person's success or plan for success.
Разрушать планы или что-то уже сделанное, как правило неожиданно или случайно - "портить малину".
John upset the other team's applecart by hitting a home run in the last inning and we won the game.
We are planning a surprise party for Bill, so don't let Mary upset the applecart by telling him before the party.
Frank thinks he is going to be the boss, but I'll upset his applecart the first chance I get.
Everything was going well at the company picnic until our boss arrived and upset the applecart.
Все шло хорошо на пикнике компании, пока наш босс не пришел и не испортил малину.