Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом set

Словосочетания со словом set

after the dust clears
when the dust settles
When a troubling, confusing, or disastrous event is finally over.
John invited Tim for dinner, but since Tim's father had just died, he replied, "Thanks. I'd like to come after the dust settles."
all set
Ready to start.
"Is the plane ready for take-off?" the bank president asked. "Yes, Sir," the pilot answered. "We're all set."
at a set time
At a particular, pre-specified time.
Do we have to eat in this hotel at a set time, or may we come down whenever we want?
at the outset
At the start; at the beginning.
"You'll live in the cheaper barracks at the outset; later you can move into the better cabins," the camp director said to the new boys.
be set on
be set upon
To be determined about something.
Tow is set upon leaving his Chicago job for Tokyo, Japan, although he speaks only English.
dead set against
Totally opposed to someone or something.
Jack is dead set against the idea of marriage, which upsets Mary.
get set
To get ready to start.
The runners got set.
The seniors are getting set for the commencement.
get the ball rolling
set the ball rolling
start the ball rolling
To start an activity or action; make a beginning; begin.
Начинать действовать; приступить к делу; начать.
George started the ball rolling at the party by telling a new joke.
We got up early to get the ball rolling on our project.
Мы проснулись рано, чтобы начать работать над нашим проектом.
We plan to start immediately and get the ball rolling on our project.
Мы планируем начать незамедлительно и взяться за наш проект.