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Фразеологизмы со словом eye

mud in your eye
A cheering exclamation when people drink, much like cheers!
Each time John raised his glass he said, "Well, here's mud in your eye!"
one eye on
Watching or minding (a person or thing) while doing something else; part of your attention on. Used after have, keep, or with.
Jane had one eye on the baby as she ironed.
Bill kept one eye on his books and the other on the clock.
Chris tried to study with one eye on the TV set.
open one's eyes
open up one's eyes
To make a person see or understand the truth; make a person realize; tell a person what is really happening or what really exists.
Mary didn't believe that her cousin could be mean until the cousin opened Mary's eyes by scratching and biting her.
John's eyes were opened up to the world of nature when he visited his grandfather's farm.
out of the corner of one's eye
Without looking at a person or thing directly or openly; secretly; without being noticed.
The cat looked at the mouse out of the corner of his eye.
Mike watched the boys across the street out of the corner of his eye as he mowed the lawn.
Совершенно пьян; "напиться в хлам".
He had never taken an alcoholic drink so after one beer he was pie-eyed.
Он никогда не пил алкогольных напитков, поэтому сразу после пива жутко захмелел.
He said I was mean to him because I didn't greet him when he appeared! But how could I hardly say anything because I was completely pie-eyed!
Он сказал, что я скверно с ним поступила, потому что не поздоровалась! Но как я могла сказать хоть что-то, учитывая, что я была пьяна в хлам.
private eye
A private investigator; a detective.
Buddy Ebsen played a private eye on "Bamaby Jones."
pull the wool over one's eyes
To fool someone into thinking well of you; deceive.
The businessman had pulled the wool over his partner's eyes about their financial position.
Bob tried to pull the wool over his teacher's eyes, but she was too smart for him.
raise eyebrows
To shock people; cause surprise or disapproval.
The news that the princess was engaged to a commoner raised eyebrows all over the kingdom.