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Словосочетания со словом set

A disadvantage; a delay.
We suffered a major setback when my wife lost her job.
Done early in the morning to make you fresh and feel strong for the day.
Tom jumped out of bed and did his setting-up exercises.
Compare:daily dozen
settle a score
wipe out an old score
To hurt (someone) in return for a wrong or loss.
John settled an old score with Bob by beating him.
settle down
To live more quietly and sensibly; have a regular place to live and a regular job; stop acting wildly or carelessly, especially by growing up.
John will settle down after he gets a job and gets married.
To become quiet, calm, or comfortable.
Father settled down with the newspaper.
The house settled down for the night after the children were put to bed.
The teacher told the students to settle down and study the lesson.
settle for
To be satisfied with (less) agree to; accept.
Jim wanted $200 for his old car, but he settled for $100.
settle on
To decide which one to choose among various alternatives.
My parents have been debating what kind of a car to get and have finally settled on a BMW from Germany.
settle up
To pay up; conclude monetary or other transactions.
"Let's settle up," Carol's attorney said, when she sued Don for a hefty sum of money after their divorce.
(stress on set) Arrangement, management, circumstances.
Boy, you really have a wonderful setup in your office!
I just can't do my work in such a messy setup!
Financial arrangement.
It is a fairly generous setup sending your uncle $1,000 a month.