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Фразеологизмы со словом eye

keep one's eyes peeled
keep one's eyes skinned
To watch carefully; be always looking.
The bird-watcher kept his eyes peeled for bluebirds.
When the boys walked through the roads, they kept their eyes skinned for snakes.
keyed up
Excited; nervous; anxious to do something.
Mary was all keyed up about the exam.
Mother would not let Tom read a ghost story at bedtime; she said it would get him keyed up.
lay eyes on
set eyes on
To see.
She knew he was different as soon as she laid eyes on him.
I didn't know the man; in fact, I had never set eyes on him.
look in the eye
look in the face
To meet with a steady look; to face bravely or without shame.
Mary looked the gangster in the eye, and he turned away without hurting her.
John had looked death in the face many times.
We often believe a person who looks us in the eye, but it does not prove he is truthful.
U promised Harry to write to him while I was on vacation, and if I don't do it, I won't be able to look him in the eye.
make eyes at
To look at a girl or boy in a way that tries to attract him to you; flirt.
Стоить глазки; стрелять глазами; смотреть на кого-либо таким образом, чтобы привлечь его/ее внимание; флиртовать.
The other girls disliked her way of making eyes at their boyfriends instead of finding one of her own.
I don’t know the way to make eyes, can you teach me?
Я не умею строить глазки, можешь научить меня?
The man became angry when he saw that his girlfriend was making eyes at someone else at the party.
Мужчина разозлился, когда увидел, как его девушка строила глазки кому-то на вечеринке.
meet one's eye
To be in plain view or come into plain view; appear clearly or obviously.
When John rounded the bend, a clear blue lake met his eye.
Having eyes damp with tears; emotional.
The teacher was misty-eyed when the school gave her a retirement gift.
Of the kind who cries easily; sentimental.
The movie appealed to dewey-eyed girls.
more than meets the eye
Больше, чем видимость; что-то более сложное, чем кажется.
On a first reading the plan looked good, but there was more to it than met the eye.
He said he simply sold his shares, but I think there's more to it than meets the eye.
Он сказал, что только продал свои акции, но мне кажется, что все не так просто.