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Словосочетания со словом set

set right
To discipline; correct; indicate the correct procedure.
"Your bookkeeping is all messed up," the accountant said. "Let me set it right for you, once and for all."
set sail
To begin a sea voyage; start sailing.
The ship set sail for Europe.
set the pace
To decide on a rate of speed of travel or rules that are followed by others.
The scoutmaster set the pace so that the shorter boys would not get tired trying to keep up.
Louise set the pace in selling tickets for the school play.
John is the pace-setter of the class.
Bob's time in the cross-country race was pace-setting.
The country is growing at a pace-setting rate.
set the stage for
To prepare the way or situation for (an event); to make a situation ready for something to happen.
The country's economic problems set the stage for a depression.
set the world on fire
To do something outstanding; act in a way that attracts much attention or makes you famous.
John works hard, but he will never set the world on fire.
Mary could set the world on fire with her piano playing.
set to music
To compose a musical accompaniment to verse.
Schubert and Beethoven both set to music many a famous poem by Goethe and Schiller.
set to
To make a serious beginning.
Charlie took a helping of turkey, grabbed his knife and fork, and set to.
To start to fight.
One man called the other a liar and they set to.
set up
To provide the money for the necessities for.
When he was twenty-one, his father set him up in the clothing business.
To establish; start.
The government has set up many hospitals for veterans of the armed forces.
To make ready for use by putting the parts together or into their right place.
The men set up the new printing press.
To bring into being; cause.
Ocean tides are set up by the pull between earth and the moon.
To claim; pretend.
He set himself up to be a graduate of a medical school, but he was not.
To harm someone by entrapment or some other ruse.
Joe was actually innocent of the robbery, but his "trusted friends" set him up, so the police found the gun in his car.