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Словосочетания со словом set

set one's cap for
To attempt to win the love of or to marry. Usually used of a girl or woman.
The young girl set her cap for the new town doctor, who was a bachelor.
set one's face against
To be very much against; strongly disapprove.
The banker's daughter wanted to marry a poor boy, but her father set his face against it.
set one's heart on
have one's heart on
heart set
To want very much. To be very desirous of; hope very much to succeed in. Used with a verbal noun.
He set his heart on that bike.
He set his heart on winning the race.
She has her heart set on taking a trip abroad. She's been thinking about it for months.
Todd has his heart set on going to medical school and becoming a doctor.
set one's mind at rest
To relieve someone's anxieties; reassure someone.
"Let me set your mind at rest about the operation," Dr. Vanek said. "You'll be back on your feet in a week."
set one's mind on
To be determined to; decide to.
He has set his mind on buying an old chateau in France.
set one's sights
To want to reach; aim for.
John has set his sights higher than the job he has now.
To wish to get or win.
Owen set his sights on the championship.
set one's teeth on edge
To have a sharp sour taste that makes you rub your teeth together.
The lemon juice set my teeth on edge.
To make one feel nervous or annoyed.
She looks so mean that her face sets my teeth on edge.
set out
To leave on a journey or voyage.
The Pilgrims set out for the New World.
We set out for the top of the mountain at dawn. Unfortunately, as we set off, it started to snow heavily, so we decided to head out again later.
To decide and begin to try; attempt.
George set out to improve his pitching.
We set out to paint the house in one day, but quickly realized that it would be impossible to do so.
Janet set out to compete for the large scholarship grant by writing a good essay.
To arrange or display neatly; to plant in the ground.
The gardener set out some tomato seedlings.
The children tried to set out the dishes on the table, but their dad had to help to lay the dishes out properly.