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Фразеологизмы со словом look

look over
go over
check over
To look at and try to learn something about; look at every part or piece of or at every one of; examine; inspect; study.
I looked hurriedly over the apples in the basket and took one that looked good.
Mrs. Jones spent the evening looking over the month's bills and writing checks.
When a new boy comes to school, the others usually look him over rather carefully.
We looked over several kinds of new cars before deciding.
I want to look my homework over again before I give it to the teacher.
The politician went over his speech before the important presentation.
You should never sign any legal paper without checking it over first.
look sharp
To be alert; be very attentive; keep a close watch.
It pays to look sharp in traffic.
The guide told us to look sharp because there were rattlesnakes around.
look to one's laurels
To make sure that your reputation is not spoiled; protect your good name; keep your record from being beaten by others.
Tom won the broad jump, but he had to look to his laurels.
Look to your laurels, Joan. Betty says she is going to run against you for head cheerleader.
look to
To attend to; get ready for; take care of.
Plans had been prepared that looked to every possibility.
The president assigned a man to look to our needs.
To go for help to; depend on.
The child looks to his mother to cure his hurts.
See also:see to
look up to
To think of (someone) as a good example to copy; honor; respect.
Mr. Smith had taught for many years, and all the students looked up to him.
Young children look up to older ones, so older children should be good examples.
Children will most certainly look up to their parents if the children are brought up well.
Everyone looks up to the director of our department because he is a kind and generous person.
look up
To improve in future chances; promise more success.
The first year was tough, but business looked up after that.
To search for; hunt for information about; find; to locate information in a directory, dictionary, book, etc.
It is a good habit to look up new words in a dictionary.
Ellen suggested that we look up Lee's telephone number in the directory.
Students should try to understand the meaning of a new word from context before looking the word up in the dictionary.
To seek and find.
While he was in Chicago, Henry looked up a friend of college days.
A chance or hope. Usually used with a negative.
It wasn't much of a look-in, but it was the only chance they let him have.
Charlie didn't realize it, but he never had a look-in with Bonnie.
on the lookout
Watching closely.
The little boy was on the lookout for his father.
Forest rangers are always on the lookout for forest fires.
The doctor is on the lookout for a new secretary.