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Фразеологизмы со словом back

An act of decreasing monetary sources.
The cutback in military spending has caused many bases to be closed.
date back
To go back to a given period in the past.
My ancestors date back to the sixteenth century.
double back
To turn back on one's way or course.
The escaped prisoner doubled back on his tracks.
To fold over; usually in the middle.
The teacher told Johnny to double back the sheet of paper and tear it in half.
draw back
To move back; back away; step backward; withdraw; move away from.
When the man spotted the rattlesnake, he drew back and aimed his shotgun.
The children drew back from the dog when it barked at them.
When the pitcher drew back his arm to pitch the ball, Tom ran as fast as he could to steal second base.
Some juice from the grapefruit that Father was eating squirted in his eye and he drew back in surprise.
Compare:drop back
Disadvantage; obstacle; hindrance.
The biggest drawback of Bill's plan is the cost involved.
drop back
To move or step backwards; retreat.
The soldiers dropped back before the enemy's attack.
The quarterback dropped back to pass the football.
eyes in the back of one's head
Ability to know what happens when your back is turned.
Mother must have eyes in the back of her head, because she always knows when I do something wrong.
fade back
To back away from the line before passing in football.
The quarterback is fading back to pass.
Compare:drop back