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Словосочетания со словом tea

teach a lesson
To show that bad behavior can be harmful.
When Johnny pulled Mary's hair, she taught him a lesson by breaking his toy boat.
The burns Tommy got from playing with matches taught him a lesson.
teach one's grandmother to suck eggs
Учить учёного, "яйца курицу не учат".
I tried to teach my friend about computers but he is a computer expert. It was like teaching my grandmother to suck eggs.
Я пытался научить моего друга кое-чему, связанному с компьютерами, но он эксперт в этой области. Было такое ощущение, что яйцо учит курицу.
Yesterday I taught my teenage students how to use Microsoft Word processor. Awful. It was like teaching my grandmother to suck eggs.
Вчера учил своих студентов-подростков использовать текстовый редактор Microsoft Word. Ужасно. Как будто яйцо учит курицу.
team up with
To join with; enter into companionship with.
My brother prefers to do business by himself rather than to team up with anybody else.
tear around
To be constantly on the go; dash around.
No one can understand how she manages to tear around from one social event to another and yet be a good mother to her children.
tear down
To take all down in pieces; to destroy; to demolish.
The workmen tore down the old house and built a new house in its place.
The construction company had to tear down the old hotel in order to build a new office building.
The owners had to tear the house down after it burned down in a fire.
To take to pieces or parts.
The mechanics had to tear down the engine, and fix it, and put it together again.
To say bad things about; criticize.
"Why do you always tear people down? Why don't you try to say nice things about them?"
Dorothy doesn't like Sandra, and at the class meeting she tore down every idea Sandra suggested.
tear into
To attack vigorously, physically or verbally.
The anxious buyers tore into the wedding gowns on sale at the famous department store.
See also:
rip into
tear one's hair
To show sorrow, anger, or defeat.
Ben tore his hair when he saw the wrecked car.
The teacher tore his hair at the boy's stupid answer.
It was time to go to class, but Mary had not finished the report she had to give, and she began tearing her hair.
tear oneself away
To force oneself to leave; leave reluctantly.
The beaches in Hawaii are so lovely that I had to tear myself away from them in order to get back to my job in Chicago.