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Словосочетания со словом talk

talk turkey
To talk about something in a really businesslike way; talk with the aim of getting things done.
Charles said, "Now, let's talk turkey about the bus trip. The fact is, it will cost each student $1.50."
The father always spoke gently to his son, but when the son broke the windshield of the car, the father talked turkey to him.
talk up
To speak in favor or support of.
Let's talk up the game and get a big crowd.
To speak plainly or clearly.
The teacher asked the student to talk up.
Synonym:speak up
To say what you want or think; say what someone may not like.
Talk up if you want more pie.
George isn't afraid to talk up when he disagrees with the teacher.
Synonym:speak up
Compare:speak out
talking book
A book recorded by voice on phonograph records for blind people.
Billy, who was blind, learned history from a talking book.
talking point
Something good about a person or thing that can be talked about in selling it.
The streamlined shape of the car was one of its talking points.
John tried to get Mary to date Bill. One of his talking points was that Bill was captain of the football team.