Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом talk

Словосочетания со словом talk

back talk
A sassy, impudent reply.
Such back talk will get you nowhere, young man!
Something said that is worded, either on purpose or by accident, so that it may be understood in two or more different ways.
The politician avoided the question with double-talk.
Something said that does not make sense; mixed up talk or writing; nonsense.
Пустая болтовня; чепуха.
The man's explanation of the new tax bill was just a lot of double-talk.
Macklin gave me much double-talk, but I didn’t understand what he was driving at.
Маклин много болтал со мной, но я так и не понял к чему он вел.
engage in small talk
make small talk
To converse with a stranger or casual acquaintance about matters of no great importance in order to make the time go faster.
The patients in the doctor's waiting room engaged in small talk complaining about the hot weather.
I hate making small talk with people I don't know at parties.
fast talker
A con artist or a swindler, one who is particularly apt to get away with illegitimate transactions because of the clever way he talks.
I wouldn't trust Uncle Joe if I were you, - he is a fast talker.
gut talk
Sincere, honest talk.
We admire people who speak gut talk and tell exactly what they think and feet.
have a heart-to-heart talk
To confide in someone with great intimacy.
Jill and her mother had a heart-to-heart talk before she decided to move in with Andrew.
pep talk
A speech that makes people feel good so they will try harder and not give up.
The football coach gave the team a pep talk.
Mary was worried about her exams, but felt better after the teacher's pep talk.
sales talk
A speech made to point out all the good reasons why the sale would help someone who might buy the product.
Mrs. Goldsmith gave the man a good sales talk about the new house.
The coach gave a sales talk on exercise in the school assembly.