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Словосочетания со словом self

help oneself
To take what you want; take rather than ask or wail to be given.
Help yourself to another piece of pie.
John helped himself to some candy without asking.
in a world of one's own
in a world by oneself
In the place where you belong; in your own personal surroundings; apart from other people.
They are in a little world of their own in their house on the mountain.
In deep thought or concentration.
Mary is in a world of her own when she is playing the piano.
Compare:lose oneself
Not caring about or connected with other people in thoughts or actions. Usually used sarcastically.
That boy is in a world all by himself. He never knows what is happening around him.
kick oneself
To be sorry or ashamed; regret.
When John missed the train, he kicked himself for not having left earlier.
Mary could have kicked herself for letting the secret out before it was announced officially.
knock oneself out
To work very hard; make a great effort.
Mrs. Ross knocked herself out planning her daughter's wedding.
Tom knocked himself out to give his guests a good time.
She really knocked herself out trying to pass that difficult class.
Don’t knock yourself out during practice. Save your strength for the competition later.
law unto oneself
A person who does only what he wishes; a person who ignores or breaks the law when he doesn't like it.
Everybody in Germany feared Hitler because he was a law unto himself.
Mr. Brown told Johnny that he must stop trying to be a law unto himself.
lay oneself open to
To make oneself vulnerable to; expose oneself.
If you don't perform your job properly, you will lay yourself open to criticism.
lay oneself out
To make an extra hard effort; try very hard.
Larry wanted to win a medal for his school, so he really laid himself out in the race.
lend itself to
To give a chance for or be useful for; to be possible or right for.
Bob was sick and did not go to Jane's party, but his absence lent itself to misunderstanding.
The teacher's paperweight was a heavy piece of metal which sometimes lent itself to use as a hammer.
This poem lends itself to our program very well.