Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом self. Страница три

Словосочетания со словом self. Страница три

give of oneself
To give your time and effort to help others.
You should give of yourself sometimes.
During World War II, Governor Baldwin gave of himself by sweeping the halls of a hospital every afternoon.
give one enough rope and he will hang himself
Give a bad person enough time and freedom to do as he pleases, and he may make a bad mistake or get into trouble and be caught. A proverb. Often used in a short form, give one enough rope.
Johnny is always stealing and hasn't been caught. But give him enough rope and he'll hang himself.
Mother didn't know who robbed the cookie jar, but she thought she could catch him if she gave him enough rope.
give oneself airs
To act proud; act vain.
Mary gave herself airs when she wore her new dress.
John gave himself airs when he won first prize.
give oneself away
To show guilt; show you have done wrong.
The thief gave himself away by spending so much money.
Carl played a joke on Bob and gave himself away by laughing.
give oneself up to
Not to hold yourself back from; let yourself enjoy.
Uncle Willie gave himself up to a life of wandering.
John came inside from the cold and gave himself up to the pleasure of being in a warm room.
give oneself up
To stop hiding or running away; surrender.
The thief gave himself up to the police.
Mr. Thompson hit another car, and his wife told him to give himself up.
go chase oneself
Go away and stop being a nuisance.
John's father was busy and told him to go chase himself.
The owner of the store told the boys in front to go chase themselves.
have oneself
To enjoy. Sometimes used in very informal speech to provide emphasis.
As soon as their parents left, the boys had themselves some fun.
After working hard all day, John had himself a good night's sleep.