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Фразеологизмы со словом fall

fall on
fall upon
To go and fight with; attack.
The robbers fell on him from behind trees.
To meet (troubles).
The famous poet fell upon unhappy days.
Result of nuclear explosion; harmful radioactive particles.
Some experts consider fallout as dangerous as the bomb itself.
Undesirable aftereffects in general.
As a fallout of Watergate, many people lost their faith in the government.
fall out
To happen.
As it fell out, the Harpers were able to sell their old car.
To quarrel; fight; fuss; disagree.
The thieves fell out over the division of the loot.
To leave a military formation.
You men are dismissed. Fall out!
To leave a building to go and line up.
The soldiers fell out of the barracks for inspection.
fall over backwards
fall over oneself
fall over yourself
fall over someone
To do everything you can to please someone; try very hard to satisfy someone.
Делать все чтобы порадовать кого-нибудь; пытаться изо всех сил удовлетворить чьи-либо желания.
The hotel manager fell over backwards to give the movie star everything she wanted.
The boys fell over themselves trying to get the new girl's attention.
My aunt falls all over me whenever she comes to visit.
Моя тетя с меня пылинки сдувает, когда приходит в гости.
fall short
To fail to reach (some aim); not succeed.
His jump fell three inches short of the world record.
The movie fell short of expectations.
fall through
To fail; be ruined; not happen or be done.
Jim's plans to go to college fell through at the last moment.
Mr. Jones' deal to sell his house fell through.
Our plan to travel to Europe last summer fell through when we were unable to save up enough money.
Felix made plans to have a party for everyone in his office, but they fell through at the last moment.
fall to
To begin to work.
The boys fell to and quickly cut the grass.
To begin to fight.
They took out their swords and fell to.
To begin to eat.
The hungry boys fell to before everyone sat down.
Begin; start.
The old friends met and fell to talking about their school days.
fall to pieces
To disintegrate; collapse.
After the death of Alexander the Great, his empire started to fall to pieces.