Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом fall. Страница два

Фразеологизмы со словом fall. Страница два

fall behind
To go slower than others and be far behind them.
When the campers took a hike in the woods, two boys fell behind and got lost.
Frank's lessons were too hard for him, and he soon fell behind the rest of the class.
Mary was not promoted because she dreamed too much and fell behind in her lessons.
Eve fell behind in her studies and finally had to drop out of school.
fall by the wayside
drop by the wayside
To give up or fail before the finish.
The boys tried to make a 50-mile hike, but most of them fell by the wayside.
George, Harry, and John entered college to become teachers, but Harry and John fell by the wayside, and only George graduated.
fall down on the job
To fail to work well.
Потерпеть неудачу при попытке хорошо работать.
The boss was disappointed when his workers fell down on the job.
Начальник был разочарован, когда его работники не смогли хорошо выполнить работу.
fall due
come due
become due
To reach the time when a bill or invoice is to be paid.
Our car payment falls due on the first of every month.
fall flat on one's face
Не достичь желаемого результата, не произвести желаемого впечатления, опозориться, ударить лицом в грязь.
Simon fell flat on his face when he tried to organize the meeting.
Саймон опозорился, когда попытался организовать встречу.
fall flat
To be a failure; fail.
Потерпеть неудачу.
The party fell flat because of the rain.
His joke fell flat because no one understood it.
The boys' joke fell flat, their parents did not think it funny.
Шутку ребят никто не понял, родители решили, что она не смешная.
fall for
To begin to like very much.
Dick fell for baseball when he was a little boy.
To begin to love (a boy or a girl.)
Helen was a very pretty girl and people were not surprised that Bill fell for her.
Samantha and John never expected to fall for each other like they did, but they got married within two weeks of having met.
To believe (something told to fool you.)
Nell did not fall for Joe's story about being a jet pilot.
The Masons wanted to believe their son, but unfortunately they had fallen for his lies too many times to be deceived once again.
fall from grace
To go back to a bad way of behaving; do something bad again.
The boys behaved well during dinner until they fell from grace by eating their dessert with their fingers instead of their forks.
The boy fell from grace when he lied.