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Фразеологизмы со словом eye

Attractive to the eye; beautiful; especially grand; splendid; majestic.
The mountains in the distance were an eye-filling sight.
eyes are bigger than one's stomach
eyes bigger than one's stomach
You want more food than you can eat.
Annie took a second big helping of pudding, but her eyes were bigger than her stomach.
"Your eyes are bigger than your stomach," mother told little Tommy when he piled up food on his plate.
eyes in the back of one's head
Ability to know what happens when your back is turned.
Mother must have eyes in the back of her head, because she always knows when I do something wrong.
eyes open
keep one's eyes open
Careful watch or attention; readiness to see. Usually used with for.
Keep your eyes open for a boy in a red cap and sweater.
The hunter had his eyes open for rabbits.
They drove on with their eyes open for a gas station.
Full knowledge; especially of consequences; understanding of what will or might result. Used with have or with.
Automobile racing is dangerous. Bob went into it with his eyes open.
Betty had her eyes open when she got married.
eyes pop out
(You) are very much surprised. Used with a possessive noun or pronoun.
Mary's eyes popped out when her mother entered her classroom.
When Joan found a clock radio under the Christmas tree, her eyes popped out.
feast one's eyes on
To look at and enjoy very much.
Получать удовольствие от наблюдаемого.
He feasted his eyes on the beautiful painting.
As he drove along the coast, he feasted his eyes on the beautiful scenery.
Когда он вел машину вдоль побережья, глаз радовали красивые пейзажи.
A person who wears glasses. A rude expression.
Hey, four-eyes, come over here.
get a black eye
To receive a dark ring around the eye after being hit by someone's fist or an object.
In the fistfight Tom got a black eye from Pete.
Sue got a black eye when she ran into a tree.
To have one's character denigrated.
Получить урон репутации.
Our firm received a black eye because of all the consumer complaints that were lodged against our product.
Mary got a black eye because of her gossiping about everyone around.
Репутация Мэри пострадала из-за того, что она сплетничала обо всех вокруг.