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Словосочетания со словом talk

talk into
To get (someone) to agree to; make (someone) decide on (doing something) by talking; persuade to. Used with a verbal noun.
Bob talked us into walking home with him.
Compare:talk over
Contrast:talk out of
To cause to be in or to get into by talking.
You talked us into this mess. Now get us out!
Mr. Jones lost the customer in his store by arguing with him. "You'll talk us into the poor house yet!" said Mrs. Jones.
Contrast:talk out of
talk of the town
Something that has become so popular or prominent that everyone is discussing it.
Even after three decades, Picasso's famous metal statue is still the talk of the town in Chicago.
talk out of
To persuade not to; make agree or decide not to. Used with a verbal noun.
Mary's mother talked her out of quitting school.
Contrast:talk into
To allow to go or get out by talking; let escape by talking.
Johnny is good at talking his way out of trouble.
Contrast:talk into
talk out
To talk all about and leave nothing out; discuss until everything is agreed on; settle.
After their quarrel, Jill and John talked things out and reached full agreement.
talk over
To talk together about; try to agree about or decide by talking; discuss. To discuss or consider a situation with others.
Tom talked his plan over with his father before he bought the car.
The boys settled their argument by talking it over.
We talked over Carlo's plan to install an air conditioner in the room, but we couldn't reach a decision.
To persuade; make agree or willing; talk and change the mind of.
Fred is trying to talk Bill over to our side.
Before I accepted the new job offer, I talked the matter over with my wife.
Compare:talk into
talk rot
To say silly things; talk nonsense.
He's talking rot when he says that our company is almost bankrupt.
talk shop
To talk about things in your work or trade.
Two chemists were talking shop, and I hardly understood a word they said.
talk through one's hat
To say something without knowing or understanding the facts; talk foolishly or ignorantly.
Нести чушь, бахвалиться.
John said that the earth is nearer the sun in summer, but the teacher said he was talking through his hat.
Stop talking through your hat, you look stupid!
Перестань нести чушь, ты выглядишь очень глупо!