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Словосочетания со словом set

set about
To begin; start.
Benjamin Franklin set about teaming the printer's trade at an early age.
After breakfast, Mother set about her household duties.
set aside
To separate from the others in a group or collection.
She set aside the things in the old trunk which she wanted to keep.
To select or choose from others for some purpose.
The governor set aside a day for thanksgiving.
To pay no attention to (something); leave out.
The complaint was set aside as of no importance.
To refuse to accept; annul; cancel as worthless or wrong.
The Supreme Court set aside the decision of the lower courts.
set back on one's heels
knock back on one's heels
To give an unpleasant surprise; upset suddenly; stop or turn back (someone's) progress.
Jack brags too much and it set him back on his heels when the coach told him he wasn't as good a player as he thought he was.
Jean was doing very well in school until sickness knocked her back on her heels.
set back
To cause to put off or get behind schedule; slow up; check.
The cold weather set back the planting by two weeks.
To cause to pay out or to lose (a sum of money); cost.
His new car set him back over $3000.
set down
To write; record.
He set down all his important thoughts in his dairy.
At the beginning of his letter Dan set down the date.
Synonym:put down
To stop a bus or other vehicle and let (someone) get off.
The bus driver set her down at the corner.
To put into some group; classify; consider.
When he heard the man speak, he set him down as a fool.
To explain; think a reason for.
The teacher set down the boy's poor English to his foreign birth.
set fire to
To cause to burn; start a fire in.
The sparks set fire to the oily rags.
Compare:catch fire
set foot
To step; walk; go. Used with a negative.
She would not let him set foot across her threshold.
She told the boy not to set foot out of the house until he had finished supper.
set forth
To explain exactly or clearly.
The President set forth his plans in a television talk.
To start to go somewhere; begin a trip.
The troop set forth on their ten-mile hike early.
Compare:set out