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Словосочетания со словом road

road test
A test to see if you can drive a car.
Jim took the road test and got his driver's license last week.
A test to see if a car works all right on the road.
Most new cars are given road tests before they are put on the market.
After he repaired the car, the mechanic gave it a road test.
royal road
A quick means of accomplishment; an easy path.
There is no royal road to learning in order to obtain a university degree.
travel broadens the mind
Дословно: путешествие расширяет разум.
Когда вы путешествие, вы узнаете много нового. Путешествия позволяют взглянуть на привычные вещи с другой стороны.
This summer I went to Japan and learnt many interesting things. You know, travel broadens our mind.
Этим летом я ездил в Японию и узнал много интересных вещей. Вы знаете, путешествие расширяет наш кругозор.