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Словосочетания со словом road

all roads lead to Rome
The same end or goal may be reached by many different ways. A proverb.
"Все дороги ведут в Рим" - пословица, означающая, что цель можно достигнуть разными способами.
"I don't care how you get the answer," said the teacher, "All roads lead to Rome."
All roads lead to Rome and the two groups used two different methods to finish the project.
Все дороги ведут в Рим и две группы воспользовались двумя различными методами, чтобы завершить проект.
broad strokes
В общих чертах; без деталей; широкими мазками.
In a few broad strokes he summed up the situation.
Он подвел итог в общих чертах.
burn up the road
To drive a car very fast.
In his eagerness to see his girl again, he burned up the road on his way to see her.
Speed demons burning up the road often cause accidents.
end of the road
end of the line
The final result or end (as of a way of action or behavior); the condition that comes when you can do no more.
He had left a trail of forgery and dishonesty across seven states; he had got out of each trouble with a new trick. Now the police had caught up with him, and it was the end of the road.
"When I get to the end of the line," Jones thought, "I'd like my children to like and respect me still."
get the show on the road
To start a program; get work started.
Начать действовать, как было запланировано; начать работу.
It was several years before the rocket scientists got the show on the road.
Come on, let's get this show on the road or we'll be late.
Ну же, пора начинать, иначе мы опоздаем!
have one for the road
Выпить последнюю порцию или глоток спиртного перед тем, как уйти; "на посошок".
The man had evidently one for the road and a few drinks before that because he looked tipsy.
Мужчина, очевидно, выпил "на посошок", и до этого еще пару раз, поскольку выглядел он подвыпившим.
hit the road
To become a wanderer; to live an idle life; become a tramp or hobo.
Становиться странником, бродягой.
When Jack's wife left him, he felt a desire to travel, so he hit the road.
To leave, especially in a car.
Уезжать, как правило на машине.
It is getting late, so I guess we will hit the road for home.
He packed his car and hit the road for California.
I have everything for our holiday. Let's hit the road!
У меня есть все для нашего отдыха. Давай отправимся в путь!
"Hit the Road Jack and dont you come back no more no more no more no more!"
Убирайся, Джек, и не смей возвращаться никогда, никогда, никогда, никогда!
hug the road
To stay firmly on the road; ride smoothly without swinging.
A heavy car with a low center of gravity will hug the road.
At high speeds a car will not hug the road well.