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Словосочетания со словом heel

spin one's wheels
Said of cars stuck in snow or mud whose wheels are turning without the car moving forward.
There was so much snow on the driveway that my car's wheels were spinning in it and we couldn't get going.
To exert effort in a job without making any progress.
I've been working for the firm for two decades, but I feel I am merely spinning my wheels.
take to one's heels
show a clean pair of heels
To begin to run or run away.
When he heard the police coming, the thief took to his heels.
to heel
bring to heel
come to heel
Close behind.
The dog ran after a rabbit, but Jack brought him to heel.
Under control; to obedience.
When Peter was sixteen, he thought he could do as he pleased, but his father cut off his allowance, and Peter soon came to heel.
turn on one's heel
To turn around suddenly.
When John saw Fred approaching him, he turned on his heel.
When little Tommy's big brother showed up, the bully turned on his heel.
under one's heel
In one's power or control.
If one marriage partner always wants to keep the other person under his or her heel, it is not a happy or democratic arrangement and may lead to a divorce.
Wealthy; having plenty of money.
Bob's father, who is well-heeled, gave him a sports car.
in cloveron easy street
wheel and deal
To make many big plans or schemes; especially with important people in government and business; in matters of money and influence; handle money or power for your own advantage; plan important matters in a smart or skillful way and sometimes in a tricky, or not strictly honest way.
Строить много больших планов, особенно с важными людьми из правительства.
Mr. Smith made a fortune by wheeling and dealing on the stock market.
The senator got this law passed by wheeling and dealing in Congress.
Our president is likely to succeed by wheeling and dealing on the foreign market.
Похоже, что наш президент выиграет на том, что закрутил столько дел на иностранном рынке.
A person with power and control.
The biggest wheeler-dealer in the state has many friends in high places in business and government and is a rich man himself.
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