Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом heel

Словосочетания со словом heel

Achilles' heel
A physical or psychological weakness named after the Greek hero Achilles who was invulnerable except for a spot on his heel.
Ахилесова пята; слабое место кого-либо или чего-либо.
John's Achilles' heel is his lack of talent with numbers and math.
The lack of skilled workers was the Achilles' heel of the government's plans to prepare for the Olympics.
Нехватка обученных рабочих была ахиллесовой пятой правительственных планов по подготовке к олимпийским играм.
at one's heels
Close behind; as a constant follower or companion.
Наступать на пятки; следовать, быть близко поазади.
The boy got tired of having his little brother at his heels all day.
John ran by the finish line with Ned at his heels.
Bad luck followed at his heels all his life.
The large car was at my heels during my drive into town.
Большая машина наступала мне на пятки в течение моей поездки в город.
big cheese
big gun
big shot
big wheel
big wig
An influential or important person who has the power to do things and has connections in high places. A leader; a high official; a person of high rank.
Важная персона; лидер; руководитель высокого уровня.
Bill had been a big shot in high school.
John wanted to be the big cheese in his club.
Bill Gates is a big cheese in technology industry.
Билл Гейтс в индустрии технологий — большая шишка.
He is a big cheese in his company so you should be very nice to him.
Он очень важный человек в своей компании, так что будь милым с ним.
Uncle Ferdinand is a big wheel in Washington; maybe he can help you with your problem.
bring out the big guns
wheel in the big guns
bring up the big guns
To make use of a concealed plan in order to defeat an opponent in an argument or in a game, debate, or competition.
The new computer software company decided to bring out the big guns to get ahead of the competition.
cool one's heels
To be kept waiting by another's pride or rudeness; be forced to wait by someone in power or authority; wait.
He cooled his heels for an hour in another room before the great man would see him.
I was left to cool my heels outside while the others went into the office.
dig in your heels
Быть упертым как осел; не менять свое решение.
My grandfather dug in his heels and refused to move to an apartment.
Мой дедушка упёрся рогом и отказался переезжать в квартиру.
Poorly kept up or dressed shabby; not neat; sloppy.
John is always down-at-the-heels, but his sister is always very neat.
Old houses sometimes look down-at-the-heel.
drag one's feet
drag one's heels
To act slowly or reluctantly.
The children wanted to watch television, and dragged their feet when their mother told them to go to bed.
The city employees said the mayor had promised to raise their pay, but was now dragging his feet.