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Фразеологизмы со словом eye

eagle eye
Sharp vision like that of an eagle; the ability to notice even the tiniest details.
The new boss keeps an eagle eye on all aspects of our operation.
eye candy
Что-то привлекательное, радующее взгляд, человек или вещь.
This is a great, comprehensive, encompassing game with enough eye candy to make anyone happy.
Это замечательная, детально проработанная, захватывающая игра, в которой достаточно красиво сделанных элементов, чтобы все остались довольны.
eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth
A blow or injury should be given back as hard as each one that is received; every crime or injury should be punished or paid back. Sometimes used in a short form.
From the old command in the Bible meaning when you pay back a person, you should not hurt him more than he hurt you.
In ancient times if a man's eye was put out by his enemy, he might get revenge by putting his enemy's eye out. This was the rule of "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth."
Churches today teach that we should forgive people who hurt us, not follow the rule of "an eye for an eye."
eye opener
Something that makes you understand the truth.
Pam's first visit to school was a real eye-opener.
eye out
have an eye out
keep an eye out
keep an eye out for
Careful watch or attention; guard. Used after keep, have or with. Usually used with for.
Keep an eye out. We're close to Joe's house.
Mary has her eye out for bargains.
They went through the woods very quietly, with an eye out for Indians.
eye shadow
A cream used to darken the eyelids in order to make the eyes more noticeable.
Jane's mother told her that girls in the ninth grade shouldn't be using eye shadow.
eye to
with an eye to
have an eye to
Attention to. Usually used with have or with.
Have an eye to spelling in these test papers.
Plan for, purpose of. Usually used with have or with.
Save your money now with an eye to the future.
John is going to college with an eye to becoming a lawyer.
Something that strongly attracts the eye.
That new girl in our class is a real eye-catcher.