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Фразеологизмы со словом tell

tell it like it is
To be honest, sincere; to tell the truth.
Joe is the leader of our commune; he tells it like it is.
tell it to the marines
tell it to Sweeney
I don't believe you; Stop trying to fool me.
John said, "My father knows the President of the United States." Dick answered, "Tell it to the marines."
tell off
To name or count one by one and give some special duty to; give a share to.
Five boy scouts were told off to clean the camp.
To speak to angrily or sharply; attack with words; scold.
Mr. Black got angry and told off the boss.
Bobby kept pulling Sally's hair; finally she got angry and told him where to get off.
tell on
To tire; wear out; make weak.
The ten-mile hike told on Bill.
To tell someone about another's wrong or naughty acts. Used mainly by children.
Andy hit a little girl and John told the teacher on Andy.
If you hit me, I'll tell Mother on you.
tell one where to get off
tell one where to head in
To talk angrily to; speak to or answer with rough language; scold.
Bob told Ted to get out of his way. Ted told Bob where to get off.
Mary laughed at Barbara's hairdo. Barbara told Mary where to head in.
tell tales out of school
To tell something that is secret; tell others something that is not meant to be known.
Don't tell Jane anything. She is always telling tales out of school.
tell time
To read a clock or watch.
Although Johnny is only three years old, he is already able to tell time.
you tell 'em
Used to agree with or encourage someone in what he is saying.
The drunk was arguing with the bartenders and a man cried, "You tell 'em!"