Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом tell

Фразеологизмы со словом tell

I'll say
I tell you
I agree with this completely. Used for emphasis.
Did the children all enjoy Aunt Sally's pecan pie? I'll say!
I'll say this is a good movie!
I'll tell you what
I tell you what
tell you what
Here is an idea.
The hamburger stand is closed, but I'll tell you what, let's go to my house and cook some hot dogs.
I'm telling you
It is important to listen to what I am saying.
Marian is a smart girl but I'm telling you, she doesn't always do what she promises.
birds and the bees
tell about the birds and the bees
The facts we should know about our birth.
Факты, которые мы должны знать о нашем происхождении.
"Рассказывать, откуда берутся дети"; говорить общеизвестные факты.
At various ages, in response to questions, a child can be told about the birds and the bees.
Can you tell your son about birds and bees?
Мог бы ты рассказать своему сыну откуда берутся дети?
Didn’t your parents tell you about the birds and the bees when you were a boy?
Разве тебе родители в детстве не рассказывали, откуда дети берутся?
do tell
An inelegant expression used to show that you are a little surprised by what you hear.
"You say George is going to get married after all these years? Do tell!" said Mrs. Green.
live to tell the tale
Выжить после ужасной катастрофы, происшествия.
Only two members of the expedition lived to tell the tale.
Только двое участников экспедиции остались в живых.
tell a thing or two
To tell in plain or angry words; scold.
When John complained about the hard work, his father told him a thing or two.
If Bert thinks he would like to join the army, I'll tell him a thing or two that will make him change his mind.
tell apart
tell from
To see the difference between; know each of.
The teacher could not tell the twins apart.
The two brothers look so much alike that few people can tell them apart.
Most new cars are very similar in appearance. It’s almost impossible to tell one from another.