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Словосочетания со словом talk

small talk
General idle conversation.
At the party there was the usual kind of small talk about the cost of living increase and the war in Africa.
speak out of turn
talk out of turn
To say something tactless; commit an indiscretion.
You spoke out of turn in criticizing Aunt Hermione's old furniture; she considers herself quite a connoisseur on the subject.
sweet talk
Too much praise; flattery.
Sometimes a girl's better judgment is overcome by sweet talk.
To get what you want by great praise; flatter.
Polly could sweet talk her husband into anything.
talk a blue streak
To talk on and on, usually very fast.
Sue is a nice girl but after one drink she talks a blue streak and won't stop.
talk back
answer back
To answer rudely; reply in a disrespectful way; be fresh.
When the teacher told the boy to sit down, he talked back to her and said she couldn't make him.
Mary talked back when her mother told her to stop watching television; she said, "I don't have to if I don't want to."
Russell was going somewhere with some bad boys, when his father told him it was wrong, Russell answered him back, "Mind your own business."
Billy, if you talk back to me like that once more, you’re going to spend the rest of the day in your room.
The school principal had to reprimand the child for talking back to her teacher.
talk big
To talk boastfully; brag.
He talks big about his pitching, but he hasn't won a game.
talk down
To make (someone) silent by talking louder or longer.
Sue tried to give her ideas, but the other girls talked her down.
Compare:shout down
To use words or ideas that are too easy.
The speaker talked down to the students, and they were bored.
talk in circles
To waste time by saying words that don't mean very much.
After three hours at the negotiating table, the parties decided to call it quits because they realized that they had been talking in circles.
See also:in circles