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Словосочетания со словом speak

speak of the devil and he appears
of die devil
A person comes just when you are talking about him. A proverb.
We were just talking about Bill when he came in the door. Speak of the devil and he appears.
speak one's mind
To say openly what you think; give advice that may not be liked.
John thought it was wrong to keep George out of the club and he spoke his mind about it.
Compare:sound off
speak out of turn
talk out of turn
To say something tactless; commit an indiscretion.
You spoke out of turn in criticizing Aunt Hermione's old furniture; she considers herself quite a connoisseur on the subject.
speak out
speak up
To speak in a loud or clear voice.
The trucker told the shy boy to speak up.
To speak in support of or against someone or something.
Willie spoke up for Dan as club president.
Ed spoke up against letting girls join the club.
speak the same language
To have similar feelings, thoughts, and tastes; have a mutual understanding with another person.
We both love listening to Mozart. Obviously, we speak the same language.
speak volumes
To tell or show much in a way other than speaking; be full of meaning.
The nice present she gave you spoke volumes for what she thinks of you.
A child's choice of hobbies speaks volumes.
speak well of
To approve of; praise.
Everyone always speaks well of my sister because she's so kind.
speak with a forked tongue
To lie; to say one thing while thinking of the opposite.
Лгать; быть лжецом, лицемерным человеком.
I have learned not to trust Peter's promises because he speaks with a forked tongue.
This man is always speaking with a forked tongue and nobody trusts him.
Этот мужчина всегда лжет и ему никто не доверяет.