Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом speak

Словосочетания со словом speak

actions speak louder than words
What you do shows your character better and is more important than what you say. A proverb.
John promised to help me, but he didn't. Actions speak louder than words.
Joe is very quiet, but actions speak louder than words. He is the best player on the team.
children and fools speak the truth
Children and fools say things without thinking; they say what they think or know when grown-ups might not think it was polite or wise to do so. A proverb.
Дети и глупцы говорят правду - "Устами младенца глаголет истина".
"Uncle Willie is too fat," said little Agnes. "Children and fools speak the truth," said her father.
"Дядя Вилли слишком толстый" - сказала маленькая Агнес. "Устами младенца глаголет истина" - сказал ее отец.
not to mention
not to speak of
to say nothing of
Without ever needing to speak of; in addition to; besides. Used to add something to what you have said or explained.
Dave is handsome and smart not to mention being a good athlete.
They have three fine sons, not to speak of their two lovely daughters.
Sally takes singing and dancing lessons to say nothing of swimming and tennis lessons.
public speaker
A person who speaks to the public.
A public speaker must appeal to all kinds of people.
roughly speaking
Approximately; in general terms.
Roughly speaking, about 250 people attended the annual convention of the Dictionary Society of America.
say one's piece
speak one's piece
To say openly what you think; say, especially in public, what you usually say or are expected to say.
John told the boss that he thought he was wrong and the boss got angry. He said, "You've said your little piece, so go on home."
Every politician got up and said his piece about how good the mayor was and then sat down.
so to speak
To say it in this way.
Так сказать; таким образом.
John was, so to speak, the leader of the club, but he was officially only the club's secretary.
The horse, so to speak, danced on his hind legs.
Greg was not a bad guy, so to speak, although few people liked him.
Грег не был плохим парнем, так сказать, некоторым он нравился.
speak for
To speak in favor of or in support of.
At the meeting John spoke for the change in the rules.
The other girls made jokes about Jane, but Mary spoke for her.
To make a request for; to ask for.
The teacher was giving away some books. Fred and Charlie spoke for the same one.
To give an impression of; be evidence that (something) is or will be said. Used with the words well or ill.
It seems that it will rain today. That speaks ill for the picnic this afternoon.
Who robbed the cookie jar? The crumbs on your shirt speak ill for you, Billy.
John wore a clean shirt and a tie when he went to ask for a job, and that spoke well for him.
It speaks well for Mary that she always does her homework.