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Словосочетания со словом road

middle of the road
A way of thinking which does not favor one idea or thing too much; being halfway between two different ideas.
Взгляд на жизнь, который не дает предпочтения какой-либо идее или делу; быть между двумя различными идеями, мнениями; нейтральный, не экстремальный, умеренный.
The teacher did not support the boys or the girls in the debate, but stayed in the middle of the road.
Ada's friend is a fashion designer and her ideas are very middle of the road.
Подруга Ады – модный дизайнер, и ее концепции очень нейтральны.
Favoring action halfway between two opposite movements or ideas; with ideas halfway between two opposite sides; seeing good on both sides.
The men who wrote the Constitution followed a middle-of-the-road plan on whether greater power belonged to the United States government or to the separate states.
Senator Jones favors a middle-of-the-road policy in the labor-management dispute.
on the road
Traveling; moving from one place to another.
When we go on vacation, we take a lunch to eat while on the road.
Mr. Smith is on the road for his insurance company.
Changing; going from one condition to another.
Mary was very sick for several weeks, but now she is on the road to recovery.
Hard study in school put John on the road to success.
To force through; push through by force.
The bill was railroaded through the state legislature due to the influence of some very wealthy sponsors.
road gang
A group of men who work at road construction.
Football players often work with road gangs during summer vacations.
road hog
A car driver who takes more than his share of the road.
A road hog forced John's car into the ditch.
road show
A theatrical play that is performed for a few days in one town and then moves to other towns.
Many actors get their start in road shows.
The road show is often not as good as the original play on Broadway.
road sign
A sign on which there is information about a road or places; a sign with directions to drivers.
The road sign read, "25 MPH LIMIT" but Jack drove along at fifty miles an hour.
The road sign said Westwood was four miles away.