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Словосочетания со словом nail

snail's pace
at a snail's pace
A very slow movement forward.
Time moved at a snail's pace before the holidays.
The donkey on which he was riding moved at a snail's pace.
tooth and nail
fight tooth and nail
With all weapons or ways of fighting as hard as possible; fiercely. Used after fight or a similar word.
С помощью всех доступных средств; неистово. Используется после слова fight или подобного.
When the Indian girl was captured, she fought tooth and nail to get away.
The farmers fought tooth and nail to save their crops from the grasshoppers.
His friends fought tooth and nail to elect him to Congress.
The Transport Minister fought tooth and nail to have the proposed road safety law accepted.
Министр Транспорта изо всех сил боролся за принятие закона о безопасности дорог.
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