Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом nail

Словосочетания со словом nail

bed of nails
A difficult or unhappy situation or set of circumstances.
"There are days when my job is a regular bed of nails," Jim groaned.
bite one's nails
Находится в нервозном состоянии
The girl was biting her nails as she waited for the speech contest to begin.
Девушка грызла свои ногти, пока ждала начала конкурса речей.
coffin nail
A cigarette.
"I stopped smoking," Algernon said. "In fact, I haven't had a coffin nail in well over a year."
dead as a doornail
Completely dead without the slightest hope of resuscitation.
Абсолютно мертвый, без малейшей надежды на восстановление (оживление).
This battery is dead as a doornail; no wonder your car won't start.
They've started fighting again, so the peace agreement is now dead as a doornail.
Они снова начали сражаться, так что мирный договор приказал долго жить.
hard as nails
as hard as nails
Not flabby or soft; physically very fit; tough and strong.
After a summer of work in the country, Jack was as hard as nails, without a pound of extra weight.
Not gentle or mild; rough; stern. Very unfeeling; cruel, and unsympathetic.
Johnny works for a boss who is as hard as nails and scolds Johnny roughly whenever he does something wrong.
Uncle Joe is as hard as nails; although he is a millionaire, he doesn't help his less fortunate relatives.
hit the nail on the head
To get something exactly right; speak or act in the most fitting or effective way.
The mayor's talk on race relations hit the nail on the head.
nail down
To make certain; make sure; settle.
Joe had a hard time selling his car, but he finally nailed the sale down when he got his friend Sam to give him $300.
The New York Yankees nailed down the American League Championship when they beat the Red Sox 3 to 0 on September 15.
nail one's colors to the mast
To let everyone know what you think is right and refuse to change.
During the election campaign the candidate nailed his colors to the mast on the question of civil rights.