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Словосочетания со словом love

handle with gloves off
Презирать, относиться с презрением.
She handled him with gloves off.
Она презирала его.
See also:
handle without gloves
handle with gloves
handle with kid gloves
To treat very gently and carefully.
An atomic bomb is handled with kid gloves.
To treat with great tact and diplomacy.
Обращаться с кем-либо очень тактично и дипломатично.
Aunt Jane is so irritable that we have to treat her with kid gloves.
He is so determined to obtain her agreement that he is handling her with kid gloves.
Ему во что бы то ни стало нужно ее согласие, поэтому он вокруг нее на цыпочках ходит.
handle without gloves
Не церемониться, поступать грубо.
He handled this situation without gloves.
Он не церемонился в этой ситуации.
See also:
handle with gloves off
head over heels in love with
Быть очень сильно влюбленным в кого-то, быть по уши влюбленным.
My friend is head over heels in love with someone in his company.
Мой друг по уши влюбился в кого-то из его компании.
She is head over heels in love with her new boyfrend.
Она по уши влюблена в своего нового парня.
My friend is head over heels in love with the girl in his company.
Мой друг влюбился по уши в девушку из его компании.
See also:
head over heels
in clover
in the clover
In rich comfort; rich or successful; having a pleasant or easy life.
They live in clover because their father is rich.
When we finish the hard part we'll be in the clover.
bed of roseslife of rileylive high off the hogon easy street
in love
Liking very much; loving.
John is in love with Helen.
Tom and Ellen are in love.
Mary is in love with her new wristwatch.
labor of love
Something done for personal pleasure and not pay or profit.
Бескорыстный или безвозмездный труд.
Building the model railroad was a labor of love for the retired engineer.
My volunteer work at the Animal Shelter is a labour of love because I am fond of animals.
Я работаю волонтером в Приюте для животных абсолютно бескорыстно, так как я люблю животных.
love affair
A friendship between lovers; a romance or courtship.
The love affair of Bob and Jane went on for months.
Harry had many love affairs, but he never married.