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Фразеологизмы со словом eye

bright-eyed and bushy-tailed
О человеке, который полон энергии.
Gary was fantastic! He arrived bright-eyed and bush-tailed at 7 am and worked with us all day.
Гарри просто молодец! Он приехал в 7 утра таким бодрым и работал с нами целый день.
Wide-eyed with surprise.
He stood there bug-eyed when told that he had won the award.
catch one's eye
To attract your attention.
I caught his eye as he moved through the crowd, and waved at him to come over.
The dress in the window caught her eye when she passed the store.
cause eyebrows to raise
To do something that causes consternation; to shock others.
When Algernon entered Orchestra Hall barefoot and wearing a woman's wig, he caused eyebrows to raise.
Understanding problems or events clearly; being able to tell very well the results of a way of acting.
Tom is very clear-eyed. He knows he doesn't have much chance of winning the race, but he will try his best.
He is a clear-eyed and independent commentator on the news.
close one's eyes
shut one's eyes
To refuse to see or think about.
The park is beautiful if you shut your eyes to the litter.
The ice was very thin, but the boys shut their eyes to the danger and went skating.
Drunk; intoxicated.
Frank has been drinking all day and, when we met, he was so cockeyed he forgot his own address.
cut teeth
cut one's eye-teeth on
cut one's eye teeth on
cut eye teeth
To have teeth grow out through the gums.
The baby was cross because he was cutting teeth.
To learn something very early in life; gain experience; start by learning or doing. Used with a possessive, usually used with on.
The professional ball player cut his teeth on a baseball bat in the sandlots.
Mr. Jones's company is building the new Post Office in town but Mr. Jones cut his eye teeth as a carpenter.