Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом world. Страница три

Словосочетания со словом world. Страница три

the world and his wife
Весь мир и его жена. Cобытие, где было очень много людей.
It's a huge outdoor concert - I imagine the world and his wife will be there.
Это очень крупный концерт на свежем воздухе – там будут толпы народа.
third world
The countries not aligned with either the former U.S.S.R.-dominated Communist bloc or the U.S.A.-dominated capitalist countries.
New Zealand made a move toward third country status when it disallowed American nuclear submarines in its harbors.
The developing nations of the world where the industrial revolution has not yet been completed.
Africa and the rest of the third world must be freed from starvation and illiteracy.
weight of the world on one's shoulders
world on one's shoulders
world on one's back
A very heavy load of worry or responsibility; very tired or worried behavior, as if carrying the world; behavior as if you are very important.
Don't look as if you had the weight of the world on your shoulders, Henry, just because you have to mow the lawn.
John acts as if he were carrying the world on his back because he has a paper route.
world is one's oyster
Everything is possible for you; the world belongs to you; you can get anything you want.
Наслаждаться всеми возможностями и удовольствиями, которые предлагает жизнь.
When John won the scholarship, he felt as though the world was his oyster.
The rich girl acts as though the world is her oyster.
She left college feeling that the world was her oyster.
Она покинула колледж с чувством, что весь мир был теперь в ее распоряжении.
world without end
Endlessly; forever; eternally.
Each human being has to die, but mankind goes on world without end.
worlds apart
Completely different; in total disagreement.
Совершенно другой; полностью несогласный.
Jack and Al never agree on anything; they are worlds apart in their thinking.
As regards our political opinions, we're worlds apart.
В вопросе политических взглядов мы совершенно разные.