Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом world

Словосочетания со словом world

best of both worlds
Получать преимущества двух разных вещей одновременно.
We live in the centre of town, but only 5 minutes from the beach. We have the best of both worlds!
Мы живем в центре города, но в пяти минутах от пляжа. У нас все козыри!
come down in the world
To lose a place of respect or honor, become lower (as in rank or fortune).
The stranger plainly had come down a long way in the world.
come up in the world
rise in the world
To gain success, wealth, or importance in life; rise to a position of greater wealth or importance.
He had come up in the world since he peddled his wife's baked goods from a pushcart.
dead to the world
Fast asleep.
Tim went to bed very late and was still dead to the world at 10 o'clock this morning.
As if dead; unconscious.
Tom was hit on the head by a baseball and was dead to the world for two hours.
for all the world
Under no circumstances.
Betty said she wouldn't marry Jake for all the world.
Precisely; exactly.
It began for all the world like a successful baseball season for the UIC Flames, when suddenly they lost to the Blue Demons.
four corners of the Earth
four corners of the world
Вся земля; весь мир; все концы света.
Wedding guests arrived from the four corners of the world.
Гости на свадьбу прибыли изо всех уголков земли.
fourth world
The poor nations of the world, as distinguished from the oil-rich nations of the third world.
Sri Lanka will never join OPEC, since it is a fourth world nation.
in a world of one's own
in a world by oneself
In the place where you belong; in your own personal surroundings; apart from other people.
They are in a little world of their own in their house on the mountain.
In deep thought or concentration.
Mary is in a world of her own when she is playing the piano.
Not caring about or connected with other people in thoughts or actions. Usually used sarcastically.
That boy is in a world all by himself. He never knows what is happening around him.