Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом word. Страница три

Словосочетания со словом word. Страница три

in brief
in short
in a word
Briefly; to give the meaning of what has been said or written in a word or in a few words; in summary.
The children could play as long as they liked, they had no work to do, and nobody scolded them; in short, they were happy.
The speaker didn't know his subject, nor did he speak well; in brief, he was disappointing.
John is smart, polite, and well-behaved. In a word, he is admirable.
in so many words
In those exact words.
He hinted that he thought we were foolish but did not say so in so many words.
In an outspoken way; plainly; directly.
I told him in so many words that he was crazy.
keep one's word
To do what one has promised; fulfill one's promise.
Держать слово; выполнять обещания.
Paul kept his word and paid me the $250 that he owed me right on time.
You promised, now keep your word.
Ты пообещал, теперь сдержи слово.
Suzanne kept her word to me not to let on to others that I intend to step down next month.
Thomas always intends to keep his word, but invariably the end result is that he breaks his word. He just isn’t capable of being a responsible person.
last word
The last remark in an argument.
I never win an argument with her. She always has the last word.
The final say in deciding something.
The superintendent has the last word in ordering new desks.
The most modern thing.
Mrs. Green's stove is the last word in stoves.
leave word with
To leave a message.
Hank left word with his secretary where he could be reached by phone while he was away from his office.
man of few words
A man who doesn't talk very much; a man who says only what is needed.
The principal is a man of few words, but the pupils know what he wants.
man of his word
A man who keeps his promises and does the things he agrees to do; a man who can be trusted.
My uncle is a man of his word.
mark one's words
To pay close attention to what one says; an emphatic expression indicating prophecy.
"It will certainly rain tomorrow," he said. "Mark my words."