Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом wing

Фразеологизмы со словом wing

a storm is brewing
Назревающий скандал; накаляющаяся атмосфера.
As soon as we saw Pete's face, we knew there was a storm brewing.
Как только мы увидели лицо Питера, то поняли, что надвигается проблема.
clip one's wings
have one's wings clipped
To limit or hold you back, bring you under control; prevent your success.
When the new president tried to become dictator, the generals soon clipped his wings.
Jim was spending too much time on dates when he needed to study so his father stopped his allowance; that clipped his wings.
drawing card
The most important figure in a multi-person event; the top entertainer during a show; the best professor or researcher at a university, etc.
During the concert series Barbra Streisand was the biggest drawing card.
The biggest drawing card at many a university is the resident Nobel Laureate.
find one's tongue
find one's wings
find one's feet
To become able to use (some power of the body or mind.)
In the program for the parents, John was nervous and could not speak at first; then he found his tongue.
The young bird had just found its wings.
The baby was just beginning to find his feet.
The question surprised him, and it was a minute before he found his tongue.
growing pains
Pains in children's legs supposed to be caused by changes in their bodies and feelings as they grow.
The little girl's legs hurt, and her mother told her she had growing pains.
Troubles when something new is beginning or growing.
The factory has growing pains.
in full swing
Actively going on; in full action.
The Valentine party was in full swing.
All of the children were planting seeds; the gardening project was in full swing.
That which is or belongs to a group of people in politics that favors radical change in the direction of socialism or communism.
The left-wing faction called for an immediate strike.
on the wing
In the air; while flying.
The duck flew away, but John shot it on the wing.
In constant motion; always very busy.
Susan was on the wing doing things to get ready for her trip.
Mr. Jones had a busy schedule and his secretary had to catch him on the wing to sign the letters.
Moving from one place to another; traveling; going somewhere.
Mary's husband is a traveling salesman and he's always on the wing.
They stayed in France for a week and then they were on the wing again.