Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом under. Страница два

Словосочетания со словом under. Страница два

give to understand
To make a person think that something is true but not tell him; suggest; hint.
Mr. Johnson gave Billy to understand that he would pay him if he helped him clean the yard.
To make a person understand by telling him very plainly or boldly.
Frank was given to understand in a short note from the boss that he was fired.
go under the hammer
To be auctioned off.
Our old family paintings went under the hammer when my father lost his job.
go under the knife
"Лечь под нож", т.е. подвергнуться хирургической операции.
The woman went under the knife at the hospital last evening.
Женщина легла под нож в больнице прошлым вечером.
go under
To be sunk.
The ship hit an iceberg and went under.
To fail; be defeated.
The filling station went under because there were too many others on the street.
The train has left the station on reducing wages, so we have to reduce headcount to the max or we're going under.
hide one's light under a bushel
To be very shy and modest and not show your abilities or talents; be too modest in letting others see what you can do.
When Joan is with her close friends she has a wonderful sense of humor, but usually she hides her light under a bushel.
Mr. Smith is an expert in many fields, but most people think he is not very smart because he hides his light under a bushel.
All year long Tommy hid his light under a bushel and the teacher was surprised to see how much he knew when she read his exam paper.
hot under the collar
To be very angry.
Быть очень рассерженным.
Mary gets hot under the collar if you joke about women drivers.
Tom got hot under the collar when his teacher punished him.
She got very hot under the collar when I told her someone had scratched her car.
Она очень рассердилась, когда я ей сказал, что кто-то поцарапал ее машину.
keep under one's hat
To keep secret; not tell. Often used as a command.
Хранить секрет.
Mr. Jones knew who had won the contest, but he kept it under his hat until it was announced publicly.
Keep it under your hat.
My boss has promised me a promotion, but it's not official yet, so keep it under your hat.
Мой босс пообещал мне повышение, но пока это неофициально, так что держи это в тайне.
knuckle under
To do something because you are forced to do it.
Bobby refused to knuckle under to the bully.