Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом under

Словосочетания со словом under

be out from under
get out from under
Free from something that worries you; seeing the end; finished.
Mary had so much to do in the new house she felt as though she would never be out from under.
John had so many debts, he couldn't get out from under.
After years of struggling to get ahead, the young couple finally got out from under their debts.
The ailing company, succeeding in obtaining the necessary cash, was able to get out from under its financial burdens.
blood and thunder
The violence and bloodshed of stories that present fast action rather than understanding of character.
Often used like an adjective.
Crime movies and westerns usually have lots of blood and thunder.
John likes to watch blood-and-thunder stories on television.
brush under the carpet
досл. Замести под ковер
Спрятать, утаить, скрыть.
You made a mistake that you can't brush under the carpet.
Ты совершил ошибку, которую не утаить.
build a fire under
To urge or force (a slow or unwilling person) to action; get (someone) moving; arouse.
The health department built a fire under the restaurant owner and got him to clean the place up by threatening to cancel his license.
cut the ground from under
To make (someone) fail; upset the plans of; spoil the argument for (a person) in advance.
Выбить почву из под ног.
Paul wanted to he captain but we cut the ground from under him by saying that Henry was the best player on the team.
Several workers applied for the retiring foreman's job, but the owner cut the ground from under them by hiring a foreman from another company.
The politician cut the ground out from under his opponent.
Политик выбил почву из под ног своего соперника.
face like thunder
Быть очень сердитым.
When Dad is really angry, he has a face like thunder!
Когда папа очень сердит, он как грозовая туча!
What's up with him today? He has a face like thunder!
Что с ним сегодня? Он выглядит таким злым.
get under one's skin
To bother; upset.
Беспокоить; расстраивать.
The students get under Mary's skin by talking about her freckles.
Children who talk too much in class get under the teacher's skin.
She got under his skin.
Она его расстроила.
get underway
To set out on a journey; start going.
We are delighted that our new Ph.D. program finally got underway.