Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом tick

Фразеологизмы со словом tick

That's the ticket!
Informal way to say excellent, correct.
"First we'll go up the Sears Tower, and then we'll take a night sightseeing tour on the lake," Fran said. "That's the ticket!" Stan, an old inhabitant of Chicago, replied.
cancer stick
A cigarette.
Throw away that cancer stick! Smoking is bad for you!
carrot and stick
The promise of reward and threat of punishment, both at the same time.
Кнут и пряник.
John's father used the carrot and stick when he talked about his low grades.
The best method of upbringing is carrot and stick.
Самый лучший метод воспитания – кнут и пряник.
get on the stick
To get moving; to stop being idle and to start working vigorously.
All right, man, let's get on the stick!
hold a candle to
hold a stick to
To be fit to be compared with; be in the same class with. A trite phrase used in negative, interrogative, and conditional sentences.
Henry thought that no modern ball club could hold a candle to those of 50 years ago.
make one tick
To cause to operate; to motivate.
He is so secretive that we are unable to figure out what makes him tick.
If a salesperson knows what makes a customer tick, he will be able to sell a lot of merchandise.
It’s been impossible for us to figure out what makes our new boss tick. One moment she seems pleasant and then the next moment she’s upset.
more than one could shake a stick at
Very many; a great many; more than you can count.
There were more people at the game than you could shake a stick at.
I had more assignments for homework than I could shake a stick at.
nose in
nose into
stick one's nose into
Prying or pestering interest in; unwelcome interest in; impolite curiosity.
He always had his nose in other people's business.
To move in close; move slowly in with the front first.
The ship nosed into the pier.
The car nosed into the curb.